Quick Facts:

School: Johns Hopkins University Krieger School
of Arts and Sciences
Class: 2015
Major: Economics
GPA: 3.86 (Unofficial transcript here)
Activities: Mock Trial, Varsity Wading Team, Student Government Association

Nathan and his teammates at wading practice

Nathan and his teammates at wading practice


Mock Trial

Nathan is a captain of the Johns Hopkins University Mock Trial Team, where he has both administrative and instructional duties. His duties include selecting new members, teaching and training teammates and serving as a dual witness for the team. Nathan is a dedicated witness known to take his responsibilities too seriously, often remaining in character outside of trials. 

Sometimes she operates my ride and other times she rides my ride, if you know what I mean.
— Nathan playing Billie Isaacs, testifying about the defendant

The Wading Team

Nathan is on the Johns Hopkins University Varsity Wading Team and President of the Johns Hopkins University Wading Club. The sport, originally started by Nathan and his roommates as a joke, has grown into an intercollegiate competition and the largest club on the Johns Hopkins campus with almost 700 active members. Click here to find out more about the Johns Hopkins Wading Team.

Full bladder or not, that guy could probably fold the pool into an origami crane in 2 minutes flat.
— Travis Schmauss, Varsity Wading Team Captain

Student Government

Nathan is part of Johns Hopkins University's Student Government Association. He serves as a commissioner on student elections, whose responsibilities are to ensure the fair election of class boards and senators. Nathan, alongside his fellow commissioners, regulate the election and its rules, make rulings on all election challenges and publicize elections through social media and debate.

Stop! Your time to answer this question is up. Let’s listen to what the next candidate has to say.
— Nathan Choe performing one of his more vital roles

Note: Nathan designed all above logos. For more information on Nathan and his design work, click here.

Nathan, roommates and friends dress up as the school's police force for Halloween

Nathan, roommates and friends dress up as the school's police force for Halloween

Additional Information: 

Currently Taking: Subatomic World, Economics of Health, Economics of Social Networks, Introduction to Social Policy, Intro to Fiction and Poetry, Professional Communication (18 credits)
Previous Schools: El Camino College (transferred), California State University, Dominguez Hills (during high school), California Academy of Mathematics and Science (high school)