About Us


About Us

Inspire Creativity Incorporated (ICI) has been recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code since May 2014. However our project - Inspire Creativity Initiative, was started in 2012. 

How It Started?

 Fujian, China

Fujian, China


In the summer of 2012, Kris Hsu and his family traveled to a middle school and an elementary school in Fujian, China. He was surprised to find out that the kids there had never once seen a highlighter or a whiteboard. After weeks of planning, Kris had presentations ready to teach the rural students about his high school life to give them a feel of life outside of the farms. More importantly, he wanted to introduce the students to creativity. To test what the students learned, a small Invention contest was conducted where students sketched a design that would solve a daily problem. Through this contest, we saw that the inventions were very unique. These rural students are very creative and have much potential.

Learn about the first teaching trip in rural FuJian, China! 


Our Team

Our Team

For Students. By Students.

 Kris' other interests are tennis, robotics, and filmmaking.

Kris' other interests are tennis, robotics, and filmmaking.

Kristopher Hsu  
Founder & CEO

Kristopher Hsu is a 18-year-old freshman student attending UC Berkeley. He got exposed to problems with education firsthand when he travelled to teach rural schools in Fujian, China in 2012. His research with Stanford University's Rural Education Action Program (REAP) has made him want to utilize media to create societal change.  Leading Inspire Creativity Incorporated with his vision of equal education for all, Kris works to improve the academic experience for underprivileged students both domestic and abroad. 

Nathan Choe  
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Nathan Choe is a 21-year-old Algebra teacher with Teach For America whose passion for education and government drove him to help establish Inspire Creativity Incorporated.  Working to turn Kris's vision into a physical reality, Nathan currently handles the nonprofit organization's paperwork, grant applications and budget.



Valeree Catangay
Director of Curriculum

Valeree Catangay was always interested in service, as a member of Key Club International and the Tree Musketeers. Valeree joined Inspire Creativity Incorporated because it was another way for her to give back. She takes charge of the curriculum, changing it based on the different needs of the schools and students. 


Brandon Choe always says that you can't have "fundraising" without "dingus." Brandon is an expert at rhetoric and designand apparently anagramsand works to make Inspire Creativity Incorporated a reality through managing the website, editing grant applications and creating T-shirts (which can actually be found here).


Maurene Param
Director of Outreach


Maurene Param is described best by the term "Social Butterfly." She is part of her school's sports teams, clubs and student council, which made her a perfect fit for a position that revolves around member recruitment and retention, as well as publicizing the mission, needs and progress of Inspire Creativity Incorporated.

Emely Zeledon
Director of Operations

Emely Zeledon likes to keep things moving. In fact, without her, the volunteers of Inspire Creativity Incorporated would be totally grounded. Emely finds schools and students in need of supplies and inspiration and gets the pencils and people on the road. Emely also finds places where the volunteers can stay, often reaching out to the target schools for host volunteers.